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"Plenty of horns + tons of percussion = good time grooves!"

-Freak Out Magizine

"If you haven't seen Brass Monkey, don't miss them next time they play!"

-SF Gate"

Move over, ROVA; step aside, Dirty Dozen Brass Band; make room, World Saxophone Quartet. There’s a (relatively) new Organization in town, outside talent from ‘way out west. The moniker of this sinister combine: Brass Monkey, from the San Francisco Bay Area. Oh sure, you never know just how many will show up, so don’t judge them by size.
On this album, they are nine strong: a sousaphonist, 2 trombonists, a trumpeter, 2 percussionists, and 3 sax players who double on other winds or percussion, one of whom is a special guest: multi-winds-wizard Ralph Carney. Brass Monkey let out a mighty racket, and a joyous one at that, echoing the early-20th century New Orleans marching bands, the imaginative free-range sounds of the Art Ensemble Of Chicago, the polyphony of NYC’s Lounge Lizards, Brit new wave funksters Pigbag and Nigeria’s Fela Kuti and the driving, in-the-pocket, groove-mad strut of Funk Classicists James Brown and The BT Express.
Make no mistake: this is Party Music, but party music with chops up the wazoo, and brains to boot, and Brass Monkey are confident enough to leave some of the rough edges showing. This disc has plenty of skronk, stomp and swing, enough for three bands – and they get extra points for performing a swell, obscure Ellington tune, “Limbo Jazz.” Live In Time And Space is a tonic, it’s legal AND no prescription needed, the sound of revelry in handy compact disc form."
by NYC music writer, Mark Keresman.
June 2001

I LOVE A BAND WITH A TUBA IN IT: One of the most raucous, unique and delightful bands on the Bay Area scene is The Brass Monkey Brass Band, who play traditional, New Orleans' style music, from ragtime to second-line, with the enthusiasm and energy of a ripping Louisiana rocket.
Gathering their members from a variety of well-known ensembles, this happy-go-struttin' group has just wowed crowds every time they play. While not exactly 76 Trombones, their all-acoustic, all-brass, all-drum all the time music incorporates the best of traditional Mardi Gras jazz that dates back to the early 20s along with modern takes of artists like Led Zeppelin & Stevie Wonder. Go figure. Their sparkling debut release is "Live in Time and Space" on the pungently-named Weed Records. I just know you probably ain't heard nothin' like it, so check it out at:

By Joseph Jordan for
Southland Blues - February 2003
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Brass Monkey Brass Band @ The Hollywood Bowl

Mardi Gras Ball - Bimbo's

In the crowd at Bimbo's

Live at Bruno's in SF

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